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6 Moments When You Will Need Access To Newcastle Storage Units

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There are times in life where extra space is a central necessity.

When all other options have been exhausted and the home or business is too confined and cluttered to maneuver items, the time has come to call upon Newcastle storage units.

Rather than reacting to these problems after the fact, many consumers will have these locations locked down for events that are either in or out of their control.

We will detail 6 key moments when these facilities need to be accessed in the Hunter.


1) Moving Home or Business

Moving from one house or office to the next introduces a series of logistical challenges that have to be managed. Being too carefree in this instance can result in lost property or damage incurred during the transition, making it paramount that individuals do their due diligence. Newcastle storage units enable citizens to take their time with the moving, giving them the freedom to place furniture and valuable goods off site while they tick all of the other boxes in the process. There are enough costs to consider before switching from one premises to the next.


2) Undertaking a Renovation

The introduction of builders, plumbers and carpenters is essential for undertaking a renovation. What is often overlooked in these cases is the need to shift collections off site or for those residents or employees to actually be displaced themselves alongside their valuables. Newcastle storage units are utilised to assist homeowners and managers in these cases, ensuring that their goods are under lock and key while the specialists work their magic.


3) Extensive Home & Business Cleaning Project

No one can really be thorough with their cleaning if they are vacuuming and wiping down areas around and underneath cupboards, lounges, benches, chairs and other products that just get in the way. With the aid of Newcastle storage units, customers are able to remove this clutter off site and engaged an extensive clean around every nook and cranny of the household or business. No more corner cutting or only cleaning the essentials if these facilities are already made available.


4) Selling Large Collections of Valuables

One of the benefits of having access to Newcastle storage units is being able to sell off large collections of goods within one confined location. It is understandable that some constituents will have reservations about hosting garage sales or engaging private sales in a private space. In this setting, people are able to sell off large quantities of stock without having to disclose those private details.


5) Attending to an Emergency

2019 was already a year that we saw bushfires and flooding ravage large portions of the state of New South Wales. Needless to say that the use of Newcastle storage units for local residents is a welcomed contingency plan for properties that are in the firing line during such catastrophic environmental events. Rather than waiting for such a disaster, homes and businesses can take action now.


6) Experiencing Security Concerns

Facilities in Newcastle that provide these measures offer peace of mind for constituents who have fears about the security of their valuable possessions. They can be small or large items, ranging from key documents to antiques or vehicles. Security breaches are real but these units provide tangible guarantees.


The good news is local residents do not have to rush or become stressed when these moments arise should they have access to Newcastle storage units. It is when there is a shock or surprise that people are off guard, unable to take advantage of units that are already locked in place for user convenience. The best strategy here is to contact a local outlet across the Hunter, receive a quote and determine which storage facility is ideal for personal or commercial needs.